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Paramitra is set to embark on the business of fund management, in line with the return of growth to Asian economies including Indonesia's own economic recovery.

There are at least two key reasons why we believe Paramitra should pursue a fund management franchise. Firstly, we strongly believe that mutual fund or trust fund investments will be the natural future growth of investments in Indonesia and Asia in general as more and more wealthy Asians seek for investment vehicles that offer attractive returns at relatively low risks. Secondly, and more importantly, Paramitra has gone through the full economic cycle - from the Asian economic boom of the early nineties to the devastating crisis of 1997 and the painful process of recovery since 2000 - to experience first-hand and understand the dynamics of one of Asia's most promising, emergent capital markets.

From closely observing the performances of various companies and whole industries throughout the Asian financial crisis - and actively trading in these companies and industries for the past decade - we have gained a keen insight to the unique markets of Indonesia to understand what businesses will work and what will not.

Even with the benefit of these insights, our approach to fund management will be conservative and prudent. The focus will be on the creation and preservation of wealth over the long term, as opposed to quick financial gains. And as always, we shall rely on proven expertise and market experience to achieve our goals.