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EQUITY BROKERAGEBuilding Enduring Partnerships

We are also a leading brokerage for Indonesian equities and related derivatives in both the Jakarta and Surabaya stock exchanges.

As most major securities houses, equity investors tend to be divided among institutional investors and retail investors, with the latter providing the strength in number of investors albeit not necessarily the volume in trading. At Paramitra, our equity brokerage is aimed exclusively at institutional investors and high net-worth private investors, which provide both the volume and value to our equity transactions.

This has not only enabled Paramitra to maintain its market standing among the leading equity brokerage houses in the country, but has also set us apart from some 200 other securities brokers that do not have access to high net-worth private investment portfolios.

Quality brokerage service is extremely crucial for the astute institutional and high net-worth private investors, and this is where Paramitra has been able to make a real difference.

With our highly experienced investment advisors and a strong equity research, Paramitra provides accurate investment recommendations based on fundamental and technical-chart analyses, timely executions, prompt settlements and, most importantly, the peace-of-mind that comes with being served by a premier investment house.