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Vision and mission
Business philosophy
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• BUSINESS STRATEGYCommitment to Professionalism

Paramitra has built its reputation as an aggressive and innovative securities firm through a continuous process of improvement and enhancement to its standard operating procedures as well as systems and infrastructure.

Our disciplined approach to management, in turn, has enabled Paramitra to sustain its growth, even throughout Indonesia’s worst ever financial and economic crises.

Paramitra implements good corporate governance in line with best international practices, ensuring that all of our activities are conducted with the highest level of professional integrity and business ethics.

Our professional staff in Finance, Accounting, Custody, Settlement, Information Technology and Human Resources work within clearly defined parameters and standard operating procedures. These procedures emphasize effectiveness, efficiency and control. Risk management controls are integral components of the system. The Compliance Department ensures that all policies and procedures are adhered to. The Legal Department makes sure that all transactions and contracts conform to prevailing laws and regulations. We conscientiously strive to win the trusts of our clients, our business partners and the regulatory authorities.