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BUSINESS PHILOSOPHYCommitment to Perfection

In the current climate of capital markets implosion and extraordinary corporate defaults and bankruptcies, the need for good corporate governance has never been felt more acutely orurgently. Paramitra has subscribed to sound corporate governance since inception, and consider them as key elements in our successful, long-term relationships with all of the firms stakeholders. This success is also attributable to our business philosophy of trust, leadership and integrity.

Trustworthy Partnership. Paramitra does not seek short-term gains. Instead, we strive to create solid and constructive, long-term relationships with our customers whom we regard as business partners. In all of our relationships with customers, we work towards being a trustworthy investment partner, rather than being just another broker.

Market Leadership. Paramitra aims to be a leader in its field through professional personnel and innovative products, achieving optimum investment and financial results for its customers and other stakeholders.

Professional Integrity. Paramitra sets a high standard of professional integrity and business ethics to maintain the trust of clients, business partners and the regulatory authorities.